Negative Link burial – Page removal

Pushing down of negative content or link on shortlisted keyword. The price is directly proportional to number of pages, keyword, country domains and language. In organic burial-page removal, we not only bury down your negative link, but also do online branding for you as well. This online branding takes a form of online assets for you in longer term.
Our Customized Plans to suits your requirements

All these plans are created with an assumption that first impression is primarily via popular search engine Google. Plan calculation are made assuming one country domain like for US, for UK etc. and one primary language english , Tamil and Sinhala. Cost of online reputation improvement is directly proportional to country domain and number of languages client is expecting the results.


Scope of work as listed below

  • No. of Keywords protected :- 1
  • Country domain :- 1
  • Search result up to page :- 1
  • Language:- 1
  • No. of Negative links on first page:- 1
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Ongoing social media bookmarking
  • Ongoing wiki writing and submissions
  • Business profile linking
  • Ongoing review site profile creation and monitoring
  • Ongoing forum profiles
  • Ongoing photo sharing
  • Ongoing video sharing
  • Quarterly link building positive content
  • Ongoing press releases
  • Continued development of micro sites
  • Dedicated account manager
Note:- Above mentioned plan cost are done based on per link per keyword per domain per language model and up to which page you want your keywords to be cleaned. Typical charges for 1 negative link on 1 keyword in 1 country domain of 1 language will cost $ 547 for pushing beyond 1st page. If you are expecting to push beyond 2nd page the cost will be $ 849 with a timeline of 3 month.