Politics (and politicians) are naturally controversial and need to be in the news – it’s no good asking them to keep their heads down

In contrast to the ‘every man for himself’ world of business, there are specific opponents to politicians (and they are often prepared to play dirty)
The attacks never end. It is unlikely to be an isolated bad story – partisan press ensures that there are steady streams of negative write-ups
Politics plays out in the public arena. Public scrutiny means that any minor indiscretion is easily blown out of all proportion Journalists, opponents and others have incentives to dig for dirt
Handling the issues can be sensitive. Politicians are naturally cautious of appearing to influence their reputation or carry out ‘spin’
Newspapers are powerful mouthpieces and they are not only typically partisan, but also have powerful websites that are well-liked by Google so any negative stories tend to naturally rank well for the individual’s name
We can Remove negative internet content & videos links from Google.

What are the things we can manage and fix for you?

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