Online searches can be conducted by many parties, such as clients, associates, partners, opposing counsel, staff, personal contacts and others. Online, negative references to you and your firm can scare off potential clients, sour business relationships, harm recruiting efforts and have a number of other negative effects on your practice. Moreover, negative information can live online long after the underlying issues have been resolved, and this information can become lodged at the top of search results. This can cause ongoing damage to your firm or company and your professional reputation.

We have one and the only aim, to be the best in the industry. That means our attorney and law firm reputation management services have to be second to no one. We work directly with law firms and legal professionals to ensure that the best strategy is used for each unique case. Our experienced team of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Experts have developed strategic relationships with authoritative legal websites in order to enhance the effectiveness of our online reputation management services for attorneys and law firms. What’s more, we equip our skilled SEO technicians with the most advanced software and tools available to manage, repair and/or protect the online reputations of legal professionals and law offices with which we do business.