DeleteMe is same as from USA, UK, India, EU, and Norway as is a free and paid service for advice and guidance for those who experience violations online.

If you are in need of help, please contact us by phone, email, contact form or social media. You will also find useful information on how to delete various information from the web, in our guides.

Our primary task is to respond to e-mail and telephones and have a good overview of the help pages of the various web sites and make guides to solve various problems. New web sites and services are constantly being created, which leads to new issues. So, we appreciate being contacted when you face a new challenge in relation with various websites.

We do not have the authority to demand deletion, instead we help you by advising you on how to remove information from the many kind of web. We know the channels and methods that can be used to achieve this. We can also provide technical assistance , free service and paid advice on the best procedure for removing information to Sri Lankan.

Norwegian is one of the services provided by The Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS), an independent organization.

DeleteMe is is one of the services provided by The NorwayNews Ltd, an independent Online Media and Legal service.

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04 – Paid Service Example , How DeleteMe Works from Norway

05 – Paid Service Example , How DeleteMe Works from Sri Lanka (only Online)

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DeleteMe is the online privacy and News company legally registered in UK and Norway (2002)  under EU law.

We make easy-to-use tools for consumers to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online.

Although the notion of privacy isn’t new, privacy in an interconnected, digital world is much more difficult to navigate. When our founders got together in a small office in Norway and UK, MA years ago and agreed that this was emerging as a major problem on the web, DeleteMe was born. Because the ways that third parties are collecting people’s information is constantly changing, DeleteMe has evolved to address these challenges for today and tomorrow. Now, Millions of people use DeleteMe to protect their online privacy.

DeleteMe is led by a passionate team, backed by premier News and Information firm, and supercharged by a strong mission to empower consumers with privacy.

Privacy policy can be found here.

DeleteMe does not need to know who you are to give you advice and guidance. Give too little than too much personal information when contacting us.


DeleteMe obtains regular visitor statistics that are used in connection with the operation and further development of the service’s web pages. None of our forms of communication detect entire IP addresses, but we use Google Analytics to anonymize the last octet of all IP addresses.

If you attempt to display a page on DeleteMe that does not exist (resulting in a 404 error), the event will be logged. This is done so that we can track down and correct the error. No information that may be associated with you will be stored in connection with this.


The phone system logs the number of inquiries the service receives as well as the length of the phone calls.

Email and contact form

Email is deleted after three months. Because the e-mail system is unencrypted, you should avoid sending sensitive information by e-mail. Never share your passwords with anyone, even not DeleteMe or the police!


For statistical purposes, we will keep the following information about each inquiry: Age, Gender, and Residence Fill to the person who contacts us (set out), the time of the inquiry and if we were contacted by phone, email, contact form or social media. For the same purpose, we store information about what the inquiry concerns, which websites may be involved and how DeleteMe handled the inquiry. We do not store information that can be traced back to individuals. Similar to emails, all inquiries, including the information mentioned above, will be deleted after three months.

You can always reach us at: